Switch statements and integration with IDA Pro

A new version of the decompiler is available for download. List of changes:


  • Implemented reconstruction of switch statements.
  • Improved reconstruction of if-then-else statements.

IDA Pro plug-in:

  • Full integration into IDA GUI.
  • Bidirectional navigation between IDA and SmartDec: press F4 to find the instruction under cursor in SmartDec, press X to go in the opposite direction.

A new version is available

A new version of the decompiler is available for download. A list of changes follows.


  • Tons of bugfixes in structural analysis and code generation.
  • Support for inline assembly generation.
  • Built-in MSVC demangler.
  • Use of c++filt demangler, if it is available on the system.
  • Dropped dumpbin's output parser.


Decompilation meets disassembly

SmartDec now supports PE and ELF file formats and includes a built-in x86-64 disassembler. So, you do not need any external tools to decompile virtually any Windows or UNIX program anymore!

In case it is not enough for you, you can now run SmartDec as an IDA Pro plug-in. Therefore, you automatically get an access to all file formats supported by the disassembler IDA Pro.

You can download the new version of SmartDec from the downloads page.

Talk at Recon 2012

We gave a talk about reverse engineering of binary programs for custom virtual machines at Recon 2012 on 15 June 2012 in Montreal, Canada.

Decompiler SmartDec was presented at WCRE 2011

Decompiler SmartDec was presented at WCRE 2011 on 20 October 2011 in Limerick, Ireland. The full paper with the detailed description of the decompiler is available in the proceedings of the conference.