How to get SmartDec?
The decompiler is available as the following packages:

Builds for other platforms and IDA Pro versions are available upon request.
*All the materials are available under the lisensie GPL v.3

How to install?
Standalone versions of SmartDec require no special installation: just unpack and run.
The plug-in is installed by copying smartdec.plw to IDA/plugins directory.

What architectures are supported?
SmartDec currently supports Intel x86 and x86-64 architectures.

Which input formats are supported?
SmartDec supports the following input file formats:

  • ELF (32 and 64-bit),
  • PE (32 and 64-bit),
  • all formats supported by IDA Pro (when SmartDec runs as a plug-in).

How to decompile?
Just run SmartDec and open a file using “File > Open“ menu item.

Decompilation of big files may take significant amount of time and memory. If this is a problem, disable automatic decompilation in the “Analyse“ menu, select a range of instructions, and push “Ctrl+E“ to decompile only this range.

How to navigate through the code?
In order to understand where a given piece of code comes from, just select it in the C++ View. Matching instruction or instructions will be highlighted in the Instructions View. Reverse mapping works as well.

SmartDec also highlights the declaration and all the uses of a variable under cursor.

Text search and “Go to line“ dialog are accessible through Ctrl-F and Ctrl-G shortcuts.

Bugs? Feature requests?
Feel free to contact us! We are open for collaboration and always happy to hear about how to make SmartDec better.